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TIPs to: Finding a NGO you will Trust!!

  In this whole journey to supporting an NGO , Trust plays the most important factor. Its true that trust develops over a period of time but it's also true that it needs effort from both, the contributor and the NGO. This post is all about that effort. Step 1 : Seeing is believing : Sometimes the best way to know about the NGO is to simply visit, if you haven't. Therefore we tell our contributors to support the NGO in their neighborhood. But this could be difficult if you are reading this during a pandemic.... Well in that case do it virtually... which leads to Step 2 Step 2: Talk to the founders of the organization. We are in those times that technology is advanced enough to somewhat make up for the lack of physically meeting the other person. So go ahead.... switch on that camera on your phone or laptop and connect!! Step 3: Read about the NGO on , we have tried to capture all the information that one would be interested to know about the foundat